45 Year of Experiences

Since 1975 We’ve been pioneer in manufacturing & selling furniture and living decoration accessories from resident home to commercial office.

With great power comes great responsibility, Mr.Nelson choose to take over the family business by carrying on his father’s legacy. As one second generation, he is preparing to expand and diversify the business from carpentry (selling furniture) to “life-style concept solutions”, by embedding furniture into interior and exterior design.

Poh Tak Furniture Sdn Bhd history began more than four decades ago with the idea of principal (Poh Tak Furnifure SDN BHD). Each decades with spans with products, processes and peoples. Poh Tak Kluang Furniture has completed hundreds of furniture in all residential & commercial sectors. With a long list of products and never ending customer support the company are able to guarantee a very high level of satisfaction for our clients. Poh Tak Kluang Furniture has very good strength in manufacturing furniture and tools with over 35 years of industry experience.

Today, Poh Tak Furnifure SDN BHD take lead in the industry by integrating life-style concept solutions instead of just sell furniture. He makes a long-term investments goal, he pulled together 2 companies into his best line of solutions. In all honesty, his handwork won awards and accolades in his respective industries.